The Bakers Arms is at the centre of village life in Badbury, with the pub holding various social events throughout the year.

2017 Events

Greek Feast
Saturday 14 October 2017, from 7.30pm

Join us this October for a Greek Feast with cabaret, dancing and comedian.

Bambas is an experienced Greek and International entertainer, and he will ensure that you have a memorable and successful evening.

Ανάμικτες βουτήματα με ψωμί pitta
(assorted dips with hot pitta bread)
Dolmades calamari και γαρίδα
(squid,prawns vine leaves)
Κοτόπουλο σουβλάκια με πιπεριές και κρεμμύδι
(chicken skewers with peppers and onion)
Μάρκες μαμάς και ελληνική σαλάτα
(mamas chips and greek salad)
Μπακλάβα και παγωτό
(baklava and ice cream)

Tickets £25.00

Book today by calling 01793 740313